November 25, 2022

Yet another political party will be added to the ballot

Maïmane will launch a new political party this weekend. Photo: Tebogo Letsie/City Press


Another party will be added to the ballot.

The 2024 national and provincial elections are a year and a few months away. And the ruling ANC is still scrambling ahead of its elective congress in December.

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With the results of the 2021 municipal elections, the parties are beginning to smell blood. Going below the 50% mark seems more and more possible for the ANC, that is to say if the other parties pull themselves together.

A recent study by the Social Research Foundation suggests that the current opposition is not delivering what it is supposed to. The study found that “while the ANC continues to make serious mistakes that could cost it votes, the DA is ill-placed to exploit the failures of the ruling party, while the EFF is seen as too radical, violent, anarchic and disrespectful”.

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This perhaps leaves room for new players to enter the fold.

Former DA chief Mmusi Maimane certainly thinks so. Maimane will launch a new political party this weekend in Naledi, Soweto.

After leaving the DA, Maimane launched One Movement SA (OSA). The organization played some role in local government elections – helping independent candidates in their election campaign, even though it was not a political party.

When you visit the OSA website, you read the following:

The political system in South Africa is broken!

“For too long, South Africans have been forced to vote for political parties that pick compromised, corrupt and selfish individuals and impose them on the South African people.

“As a result, corruption is rampant, our economy is struggling, South African children are receiving a substandard education, unemployment is at an all-time high, public health care is non-existent and South Africans are being left behind. account”.

No more confusing…

So why is a man who started a “movement” that says the current system is broken joining the chaos?

Speaking to eNCA on Thursday, ntate moruti, as he is known on the streets of Twitter, mimicked what kids do on Twitter and explained using a sports analogy.

He said:

When people decide they’re going to play, usually to play rugby 15, you can’t say you want to play rugby sevens.

Maimane said the country was in crisis.

“You have to be able to build a political party that will continue to fight electoral reform…but, under no circumstances, while Parliament is blocking reform efforts, can we stand idly by. I stand up and say to South Africans, yes, let’s empower communities. Yes, invite people to be part of one body, but I’m committed to saying, let’s make changes in South Africa and that’s what I’m working on,” he said.

Political analyst Levy Ndou says the decision is not surprising.

“Maimane rose through the ranks of politics in South Africa thanks to the DA. His understanding is based on inclusiveness, on giving all South Africans equal opportunity to participate in political activity.

Ndou adds that there is nothing wrong with Maimane forming a party after advocating for electoral reform and defending independent candidates.

He is aware that to access a political position, the best way is to go through a political party.


Maimane said details of the change he envisions for the country will be revealed at the launch.

“I think South Africa only looks at its economy from one angle. You have to see this broadly and ask yourself a few questions: where are the economic activities? How do we support them? How do we get venture capital into communities to ensure that more people can participate in the business community and increase employment levels? How do you ensure that the police have better leadership so that people are much safer and, furthermore, how do you ensure that the political leadership is accountable to the communities they come from? »

Ndou says it is now a matter of waiting and seeing what ntate moruti’s political party has to offer.

A record 48 political parties participated in the 2019 elections. The more the better, they say.