November 25, 2022

“Yes” votes dominate political parties’ advisory vote | Georgian times

Although the results of last Tuesday’s general primary election were compiled and candidate totals were released, several questions on which voters could express their opinions were included in the Democratic and Republican ballots.

The inclusion of unofficial queries on ballots is common, and while the results are not binding, they provide policymakers from both political parties in Georgia, as well as citizens, insight into what the public thinks. and where their inclinations are on various subjects.

The results of these “questions” occasionally appear the following year in the form of a bill drafted each year under the Georgia Gold Dome in Atlanta. Some of the measures pass and are enacted, while others die one year and resurrect in a future session.

Formally labeled as “Georgia Political Party Advisory Questions,” the queries and final tabulated results, both statewide and local, are as follows:


1- Should the United States remove barriers to economic progress by canceling all student loan debt?

State: 362,710-yes / 63,808-no

Carroll County: 3 111-yes / 632-no

2- Should all Georgians have access to paid parental leave following the birth or adoption of a child?

State: 405,335-yes / 21,884-no

Carroll County: 3,537 yes / 199 no

3- Should every three- and four-year-old child in Georgia have the opportunity to attend a quality preschool for free?

State: 405,335-yes / 21,884-no

Carroll County: 3,589 yes / 142 no

4- Should Georgian voters have the right to collect signed petitions to directly ask questions on the ballot, whether to change the law or question the public?

State: 368,617-yes / 52,483-no

Carroll County: 3,160 yes / 510 no

5. Should families earning less than $150.00 a year get an expanded tax credit to help raise children?

State: 377,206-yes / 48,458-no

Carroll County: 3 261- yes / 457- no

6. Should the State of Georgia expand access to health care for over half a million Georgians by using federal funds to expand Medicaid?

State: 412,934- yes / 13,777- no

Carroll County: 3,588- yes / 141- no

7. Should the State of Georgia expand voter access by increasing opportunities for early voting, allowing same-day voter registration, removing barriers to mail-in voting, and installing secure ballot boxes, accessible at all times, until polling day?

State: 428,681- yes / 21,173- no

Carroll County: 3,517- yes / 191- no

8. Should marijuana be legalized, taxed, and regulated the same as alcohol for adults 21 or older, with the benefits going to education, infrastructure, and health care programs?

State: 354 361- yes / 91 102- no

Carroll County: 2,995- yes / 717- no

9. Should the State of Georgia encourage the development of clean, renewable energy sources to support America’s energy independence?

State: 428,324- yes / 14,303- no

Carroll County: 3,577 yes / 108- no


1. The Biden administration has stopped building the border wall and illegal border crossings have increased dramatically. Should securing our border be a national priority?

State: 736,932- yes / 47,959- no

Carroll County: 17 290- yes / 922- no

2. Education is the largest line item in the state budget. Should education dollars follow the student to the school that best suits their needs, whether public, private, magnetic, charter, virtual, or home-based?

State: 610,945- yes / 165,296- no

Carroll County: 14,191-yes / 3,819- no

3. Florida passed a law to prevent social media platforms from influencing political campaigns by censoring candidates. Should Georgia enact such a law to protect freedom of expression in political campaigning?

State: 649,975 yes / 119,276- no

Carroll County: 15,182- yes / 2,685- no

4. Two of the three current federal work visa programs are lottery-based. Should the federal work visa be issued on the basis of professional skills instead?

State: 652,788 yes / 101,078- no

Carroll County: 15,135- yes / 2,414- no

5. Biological males who identify as female have started participating in women’s sports. Should Georgia schools allow biological men to compete in women’s sports?

State: 26,757- yes / 755,803- no

Carroll County: 556- yes / 17,615- no

6. To prevent ballot tampering, state law prohibits political agents from handling mail-in ballots once they have been marked by the voter. To protect the integrity of our elections, should enforcing laws against ballot tampering be a priority?

State: 744,157- yes / 32,743- no

Carroll County: 17 428-yes / 623- no

7. Absentee drop boxes are vulnerable to trafficking in illegal ballots. Should absentee ballot boxes be abolished?

State: 673,544- yes / 104,820- no

Carroll County: 16,220- yes / 1,867- no

8. Crime has increased dramatically across the country, including in our capital, Atlanta. Should citizens in residential areas like Atlanta’s Buckhead community be allowed to vote to create their own city governments and police deparlie?

State: 605 552- yes / 155 796- no

Carroll County: 14,802- yes / 2,967- no