November 25, 2022

Wrestling veteran Mkhuseli Jack sees UDF mission in Maimane’s new political party Bosa

Nelson Mandela Bay Deputy Mayor Mkhuseli Jack.

  • Former DA leader Mmusi Maimane launched a political party, Build One South Africa (Bosa), over the weekend.
  • Maimane said the party has transformation plans for the country.
  • Nelson Mandela Bay newly elected Ddeputy mayor Mkhuseli Jack is the national chairman of Bosa and has a vision for the party.

Nelson Mandela Bay Deputy Mayor Mkhuseli Jack backs Mmusi Maimane’s new political party Build One South Africa (Bosa) to help build a push to power last seen with the United Democratic Front (UDF) during apartheid.

Jack had no kind words for the ANC’s governance of the country, saying everything in the hands of the party had crumbled.

The wrestling veteran was speaking on the sidelines of the Bosa launch in Naledi, Soweto on Saturday.

Jack is a businessman, former ANC member and freedom fighter.

He left the ANC in 2008 and focused on business.

Jack returned to politics in 2021 and founded the political and civic organization Abantu Integrity Movement (AIM), which he used to contest the 2021 municipal elections.

AIM is based in Gqeberha.

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The organization is part of the larger One South Africa Movement (OSA), formed by Maimane in January 2020.

The OSA-led cohort of organizations worked with independent candidates to contest the 2021 municipal elections.

Jack was one of the councilors elected last year.

Last week he was elected deputy mayor of metro Nelson Mandela Bay after a DA-led coalition of political parties toppled the ANC.

Because electoral legislation does not yet allow independent candidates to stand in national and provincial elections, Maimane and his fellow activists created Bosa to allow independent candidates to stand for election.

Jack described Bosa’s mission as focused on overthrowing the ANC and entering government.

He compared the new political party to the UDF, an organization created in the 1980s to bring together more than 400 associations in the fight against apartheid.

The UDF was dissolved in 1991.

“The approach will be similar, but we want to enter the government this time. Previously it was to bring down the government. The ANC has collapsed everything – the criminal justice system, law and order, everything is in breakdown,” Jack told News24. .

He will be the national president of Bosa.

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His decision to back Maimane was simple, Jack said. He believed in the former DA leader’s vision and desire to change the political fortunes of the country.

He said:

I watched all the leaders arrive. These leaders seem to place too much importance on being abrupt, rude and populist. I don’t think those attributes help build an organization, so we have to look for sober people.

“As we walked into Soweto today (Saturday), people were already drinking in the morning. That’s why we need sober leaders who have moral values ​​and can be trusted and appreciated. When Maimane had disputes with his political party, he didn’t argue with them and didn’t change his position. He just walked away,” Jack said.

In his role as National President of Bosa, Jack will serve as Deputy Mayor of the struggling Nelson Mandela Bay Metro.

The deputy mayor said he would be able to find the time to do both jobs.

“I’ve done a lot of things in my life, and this job as deputy mayor and president I can do just as well,” Jack said.

Bosa will be launched in all nine provinces by the end of the year, Maimane said on Saturday.