November 25, 2022

Why do you receive text messages and calls from political candidates

Even if you don’t live in Atlanta, you may have been inundated with calls from politicians running for mayor.

ATLANTA – If there’s a hot political race somewhere in Georgia, you probably won’t escape it just because you live miles and miles away.

The Atlanta mayoral race is on the line. Tuesday’s second round will determine who takes charge of the city.

At one point there were 14 applicants, and 11Alive Insider Lyrical Flow was inundated with text messages and phone calls from the campaigns. She took to Facebook to point out that candidates were wasting their time.

“I have never lived in Atlanta,” she wrote. “I never voted in Atlanta.

She wanted to know why candidates were calling and texting so often when she wasn’t an Atlanta voter.

Certain voting information about you is common knowledge. Campaigns can get your address, race, gender, and the last time you voted by contacting the Georgia Secretary of State.

Joseph watson from the University of Georgia’s Grady College of Journalism tells us that political campaigns then turn to data collection companies for even more information, like your phone number.

“You go to a store, you fill out a survey, if you’re on Facebook and you like certain products, it can be added to that kind of data,” Watson said. “Everything is there.”

Data companies use multiple resources, including the census, to collect information about you and then deliver it to campaigns.

Let’s say that at one point you had a phone number with a 404 area code. This is a sign that you might be a voter in the city of Atlanta.

Even if there’s a chance you aren’t, the city’s candidates are likely to reach out to you.

“We don’t think they’re there, but they still could be,” Watson said. “Therefore, we will do it. Campaigns prefer to oversample and over-target rather than downsample.

Remember that the Do Not Call Registry does not apply to political campaigns as long as it is someone calling or texting your cell phone and it is not automated calls or computer generated SMS.