August 10, 2022

Who is Balbir Singh Rajewal? Farmer Union Activist Biography Age Political Party and more

Balbir Singh Rajewal has been accused of making a devious deal with Union Home Minister Amit Shah. The president of Shiromani Akali Dal (SAD), Kamaljit Chawla, allegedly accused the leader of Sanyukt Kisan Morcha (SKM) of having weakened the peasant agitation by signing an agreement with the said leader of the BJP. He referred to the fact that Balbir Singh was secretly in talks with the Union Home Secretary and ruined the farmers’ agenda when he was at its peak. Since the charges, Internet users have been searching online for who Balbir Singh Rajewal is. Check the details here.

Born August 20, 1943 in Ludhiana, Punjab, Balbir Singh Rajewal is a politician and leader of the agricultural union. He founded the Bharatiya Kisan Union and also happens to be the main candidate of the Sanyukt Samaj Morcha party for the upcoming 2022 elections to the Punjab legislature. He is best known for his contribution to the 2020 Farmers’ Protest. Balbir started his career in the telegraph department as a telegraph operator. However, in 1968, he changed jobs by resigning from his post.

Who is Balbir Singh Rajewal?

Later, in May 1972, Balbir gathered 11 peasant groups in Chandigarh and formed a union called the “Punjab Khetibari Union” (PKU). The 78-year-old was appointed secretary of the Bharatiya Kisan Union, the changed name of PKU. Not only that, but the activist also received credits for writing the constitution of BKU. Rajewal had worked with people such as Sharad Anantrao Joshi and Mahendra Singh Tikait, a leading Indian farmer in the UP.

The leader went on a hunger strike in 2009 calling for relief for farmers who suffered losses due to the drought. His protest was not in vain as the government granted around Rs 800 crore as interim funds. Balbir Singh played a major role in the 2020 Farmers’ Protest in India. In 2020, Balbir began his protest against the government when he passed three farm laws. First, he protested with 31 other farmers unions in Punjab, but then moved to Singhu Border in Haryana.

After the government withdrew these laws in November 2021, the 22 Punjabi agricultural unions also split from said Morcha and announced their intention to participate in the Punjab Legislative Assembly elections which will take place in 2022. During the protest, Balbir Singh made it very clear his opinion of not being included in the policy. However, he seems to be interested in politics these days. Follow our site for more updates and other news from around the world.