September 29, 2022

Where do Pennsylvania’s political candidates stand on gun reform Spotlight PA

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Political plans, Perry refuses, fentanyl discoverers, recount demand, cannabis charges, revival money, keep safe and 🌷 time is running out. It’s Friday.
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Politicians and candidates in November’s general election react to Tuesday’s school shooting in Uvalde, Texas – the deadliest since Sandy Hook – and outline often divergent policy plans for safer classrooms.

Democratic Pennsylvania gubernatorial candidate Josh Shapiro wants easier access to mental health services for students, a closed ghost gun loophole, universal background checks, and a red flag law.

GOP candidate Doug Mastriano tweeted Wednesday that he wants more state funding for guidance counselors, new training to identify warning signs, armed teachers and no more cops in schools.

As a state senator, Mastriano supported pro-gun measures, including one allowing concealed carry without a license and another making it easier for municipalities to be sued for passing tougher local gun measures. fire.

Incumbent Democratic Gov. Tom Wolf is urging lawmakers to pass legislation requiring background checks of all gun sales and to create a red flag law that would allow a court to temporarily ban someone to possess firearms if they are considered dangerous to themselves or others.

KDKA-TV reports that it is unlikely that the Republican-controlled General Assembly will move. On Wednesday, House Democrats tried to push through a bill that would ban assault weapons here, but this effort failed.

FEDERAL LAWS: Outgoing U.S. Senator Pat Toomey (R., Pa.) reiterated his support for universal background checks on “all commercial firearm salesfollowing Tuesday’s violence in Texas.

The New York Times label “open or undecidedon a pair of House-backed bills that would strengthen nationwide background checks.

In the race to replace Toomey, Democratic candidate John Fetterman says he supports universal background checks on all gun sales, as well as a ban on “military-grade assault weapons and magazine clips.” big capacity”.

The two remaining Republican candidates for the seat, David McCormick and Mehmet Oz, have been strong supporters of gun access, but each failed to detail their positions at the request of NBC10 this week.

The two tweeted their condolences after Tuesday’s carnage, in which 19 children and two teachers were killed. It is the second deadliest shooting on record at an elementary, middle or high school in the United States.

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“It does not make sense.”

St. Louis cardiologist Anthony Pearson explains how US Senate candidate John Fetterman’s campaign is going describing his treatment for a recent stroke

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NO SHOW: Rep. Scott Perry (R., Pa.) refuses to sit for a deposition before the congressional panel investigating the January 6 attack, per ABC27. Pear helped former President Trump’s candidacy to cancel the 2020 election and reportedly promoted the idea of ​​sending Trump supporters to the Capitol on Jan. 6. Perry says the panel is illegitimate and his subpoena was served incorrectly.

TEST STRIPS: A bill decriminalizing fentanyl test strips in Pennsylvania was defeated by committee this week and is heading to the entire State House for a vote. A new report from the state attorney general’s office said seizures of the powerful opioid are increasing here, reports The Inquirer. Test strips help identify its presence in a number of drugs, which proponents say could stem a growing tide of related overdoses.

COUNT II: Another recount of last week’s primary is possible. As a legally mandated U.S. Senate GOP primary unfolds between David McCormick and Mehmet Oz, State Sen. Pat Browne (R., Lehigh) could ask for another in the extremely narrow race for his seat. Browne, a longtime GOP incumbent, trails his main challenger, Jarrett Cole, by 19 votes, per Capital-Star.

POT STOPS: Six years after Pittsburgh decriminalized low-level cannabis possession, the Pittsburghers are are always accused, especially if they are black, revealed an audit released by the City Comptroller and Citizen Police Review Board. WESA reports that the 2016 Decriminalization Act allows police to issue a citation, rather than a more serious criminal charge. Eighty-five percent of those charged with the latter were black.

FUNDS DO: The Pennsylvania Renaissance Faire was received $3.7 million in pandemic relief funds by the U.S. Small Business Administration after the Fair was sued claiming it was unfairly passed over for such a grant — the kind intended to help arts organizations affected by the COVID-19 pandemic, LNP reports. With the lawsuit suspended, the SBA awarded the money. The trial is still open.

NO ENTRY : At least 29 Pennsylvanians are among the roughly 1,000 Americans currently forbidden to enter Russia, reports Axios. They include most of the state’s congressional delegation, a federal judge, a former U.S. attorney from Pittsburgh, and a retired county judge from York.

CASE CLOSED: State police say they solved a cold case of 42 years in Mercer County with DNA testing. Officials say 18-year-old Edwin Rodriguez was heading from Chicago to Florida when he was killed by his traveling companion and left near I-80 in Wolf Creek Township, WTAE reports.

HIGH HOLIDAYS: The average gasoline price in Pennsylvania is about $4.76 heading into Memorial Day weekend, according to AAA. WNEP reports that some people are plan stays instead.

MILK MACHINE: A high-tech infant formula factory has come to Reading with the help of $1.75 million in state grants. But Lancaster Farming is questioning its promise to boost the state’s dairy industry.

SECURITY CONTROLE: Bears are moving in Pennsylvania, like this video of Columbia County proves it, which means it’s a good time to take the New York Times quiz on bear behavior and how to avoid a bear attack.

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