November 25, 2022

What Kapil Sibal said after leaving Congress

New Delhi | Jagran Political Office: “No political party gives freedom, which is the tragedy of the Indian Parliament,” Kapil Sibal said Wednesday hours after announcing his exit from Congress. Sibal, who will contest the Rajya Sabha elections as Independent candidate supported by the Samajwadi party of Uttar Pradesh, also said he still held to the Congress ideology, which he called the ideology of an “inclusive India”.

“There is no concept of a whip in any other parliament around the world. We may have a different point of view but we cannot express them and we are often confined while being in a party,” said Sibal at the ANI news agency. “This (deology of an inclusive India) is the ideology of the entire opposition and we will move forward on this basis.”

A G-23 leader, Sibal’s exit from Congress comes as no surprise as he has advocated for change in the big old party, a demand that has gone unmet. However, his exit comes as a shock to Congress, which has now lost five great leaders in as many months.

Sibal, meanwhile, plans to unite all opposition parties to challenge the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) in the 2024 Lok Sabha elections.

“I had a deep relationship with Congress. It was for 30-31 years. It’s not a small thing. I joined Congress because of Rajivji (former Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi). You have to think, how can you pass from Congress after 31 years. There has to be something… Sometimes decisions like this have to be made,” Sibal was quoted as saying by the PTI news agency.

“We want to form a coalition and oppose the Modi government. We want to create an atmosphere in which we can oppose the BJP. I will personally work towards this.”

Meanwhile, Congress has sought to put on a good face after Sibal’s resignation, saying his space is vast in the national system and many leaders joining the big old party in various states are not considered. He also said that there will be a complete overhaul of the party very soon as more young faces will be inducted in line with the decisions made at the party conclave.

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Aalok Sensharma