November 30, 2022

Virginia political candidates and parties talk strategy after primary

RICHMOND, Va. (WWBT) – Just a day after the primary, the attack announcements are out and the race for governor of Virginia is officially underway as we count down to November.

From star political power to campaign contributions and outside influences, the next few months are set to be busy.

“People don’t want the same old policies that didn’t work when he was governor to come back. I mean he got the job,” said Glenn Youngkin, (R) Virginia gubernatorial candidate.

It’s been more than a decade since Virginia Republicans held statewide office and it’s an uphill battle for the man at the top of their ticket. Glenn Youngkin hopes voters will see recent policies and laws enacted by Democrats as what he calls “extreme Richmond stuff.”

“We’re not going to achieve critical race theory in our schools and we’re absolutely going to move forward with school choice and charter schools,” Youngkin said.

Youngkin says his priorities include defunding the police and protecting qualified immunity. He also wants to give small businesses a tax holiday to bounce back from the pandemic.

“We have made tremendous progress over the past eight years and we cannot afford to go back. All eyes are on Virginia,” said Susan Swecker, chairwoman of the Virginia Democratic Party.

Post-primary, Democrats now unite behind Terry McAuliffe. The former governor says the key to success this fall lies in the progress they have made in office. Major touts for Democrats include expanding Medicaid, paid sick leave for essential workers and easier access to voting.

“Terry will build on this process and create a thriving post-COVID economy that will uplift all Virginians,” Swecker said.

McAuliffe has raised approximately $15 million in total. Youngkin attracted $16 million with around $12 million in loans from his own bank account.

Early voting begins September 18.

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