November 25, 2022

Updated political candidates can submit video for publication at no cost –

Are you running for office this year? agrees that videos of candidates for this year’s elections may be published on the BladenOnline YouTube channel and shared on the BladenOnline website, Facebook and Twitter accounts.

There will be no charge to post the video. The stipulations are – the contestant must submit a pre-recorded video, not exceeding four (4) minutes, to the BladenOnline office located at 1110 S. Poplar Street in Elizabethtown.

The video must be in a format compatible with YouTube uploads and submitted on a USB drive. The applicant must sign a release form allowing BladenOnline to publish the submitted video.

Once a video is submitted, the video will be posted within two (2) business days on the BladenOnline YouTube channel. BladenOnline will not be responsible for any thumbnail images or videos posted.

BladenOnline does not endorse any candidate by posting the informational videos. We allow candidates to address the public via video because we believe in freedom of expression and information when voting.

New video:

Re-elect Republican candidate Charles Ray Peterson as commissioner

I will represent your interests and promise to be your voice on the Bladen County Board of Commissioners. Please vote to re-elect Republican nominee Charles Ray Peterson as County Commissioner, District 2