November 30, 2022

Twitter strengthens account security for political candidates ahead of US election – TechCrunch

Twitter is taking steps to strengthen account security for a range of users ahead of the US presidential election, including requiring the use of strong passwords.

“We are taking the extra step of proactively implementing account security measures for a designated group of high-level Twitter accounts related to elections in the United States. From today, these accounts will be informed via a notification in Twitter’s app of some of the initial account security measures that we will require or strongly recommend going forward, ”he said in a statement. communicated. blog post announcing the preventive measure.

Image credit: Twitter

Last month, Twitter announced it would redouble its efforts to tackle disinformation and election interference, as well as pledge to help get the vote out – creating a voting hub to help voters navigate in the 2020 poll earlier this week.

Its latest election-focused security measure follows an embarrassing account hack incident in July that saw dozens of verified user accounts accessed and used to tweet a cryptocurrency scam.

Obviously, Twitter won’t want this to be repeated politically.

Twitter said the accounts that will need to take action to strengthen their security are:

  • Executive Branch and Congress of the United States

  • U.S. Governors and Secretaries of State

  • Presidential campaigns, political parties and candidates with Twitter election labels candidate for the United States House, United States Senate or Governor

  • Major American News Outlets and Political Journalists

In addition to requiring users in those categories to have a strong password – prompting those who don’t have one to update it the next time they log in – Twitter said it would also allow Password reset protection for default accounts.

“This is a setting that helps prevent unauthorized password changes by requiring an account to confirm their email address or phone number to initiate a password reset,” a- he noted.

It will also encourage target user types to activate Two-factor authentication (2FA) as an additional measure to combat unauthorized connections. Although it is not necessary to activate 2FA.

The platform also said it would implement additional layers of what it called “proactive internal security protections” for the aforementioned accounts, including:

  • More sophisticated detections and alerts to help us and account holders respond quickly to suspicious activity

  • Strengthening login defenses to prevent malicious attempts to take over accounts

  • Accelerated account recovery support to ensure account security issues are resolved quickly

Also today, Twitter posted more details on how its platform manipulation and spam policies apply to groups seeking to coordinate to cause damage, giving the example of conspiracy group QAnon. . He began cracking down on the conspiratorial group in July, when it banned thousands of accounts that had propagated baseless BS that Twitter said had “the potential to cause harm offline.”