November 30, 2022

The new JLC political movement officially registered in court

If this goal is successful, the JLC would join Reform Jersey and the Progress Party as registered parties ahead of the next general election in just under 12 months.

JLC chairman Sir Philip Bailhache, who previously served as bailiff and senator, said yesterday’s registration was a step towards forming a party.

He said: “This is a preliminary step in giving Jersey’s liberal conservative movement corporate status and registering it with the Royal Court under the Act of 1862.

“This is a step on the way to the launch of the political movement which takes place on July 8 at the Pomme d’Or hotel. The corporate status is important because it gives the movement a constitution and it sets out the rules and commitments of the movement.

“It also defines what can happen if the movement becomes a political party, as it aspires to do.”

Sir Philip said the next step in the development of the JLC would be to gather and assess support for forming a political party.

He said: “Some people, but not everyone, I think, are convinced that party politics is the right way to go in Jersey.

“We want to make sure that there is sufficient support for the JLC before we take this step. We’re going to have a number of discussions with people and hopefully get the support we need.

“We will be launching our website on July 8th. This will provide more information about the JLC and help people decide if the JLC is something they want to support.

Other members of the JLC include former Policy and Resources Committee Chairman Pierre Horsfall, JEP entrepreneur and columnist Susana Rowles, former State Treasurer George Baird, former Social Security Department Director General Ann Esterson and managing director of digital agency Matthew Robins.