November 25, 2022

The MU at the 2022 Political Party Conferences

General Secretary Naomi Pohl spoke on panels including the future of UK-EU relations, a panel on arts and culture and a fringe on proportional representation. Image credit: The MU ©.

The Musicians’ Union held a very busy Labor Party Conference with a fantastic stand which was visited by a large number of MPs, as well as a successful event which highlighted the recent MU and Fabian report Society on Music Education. We also discussed our goals for instrumental lessons in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.

Meetings were held with MPs including Stephen Doughty, Alison McGovern and Thangam Debbonaire, as well as potential Labor candidates and MP David Lammy’s political team. We also met with Labor leader Keir Starmer and deputy leader Angela Rayner, alongside other unions.

UM’s Head of Communications and Government Relations, Isabelle Gutierrez, attended all of the conference’s national executive committee meetings and served on the stage panel for the debate on a green and digital future.

rousing speeches

General Secretary Naomi Pohl spoke at several panels, including events on the future of UK-EU relations, an arts and culture panel discussion with MP Jeff Smith and a sideline on proportional representation. She also delivered a rousing speech at the TULO rally alongside other Union Secretaries General.

On the conference floor, MU delegates voted in favor of the successful “proportional representation” motion and MU member Andi Hopgood gave a well-received speech on stage on the need for reform of the streaming music.

Conservative Party Rally

MU also attended the Conservative Party conference to call on the government to provide more funding for music education and to discuss issues of music delivery.

General Secretary Naomi Pohl also spoke out strongly in favor of funding orchestras and improving terms and conditions for our members.

We had a small booth which was well attended and we asked members to send postcards to their MP promoting the importance of music education.

We also hosted a very successful event with music from the Brodsky Quartet where Naomi and MU National Education, Health and Wellness Organizer Chris Walters spoke about the need for increase funding for music education.