November 25, 2022

The “most extreme political movement” in modern US history

Former President Donald Trump throws “Make America Great Again” hats to onlookers at a rally in Georgia.Photo Reuters

Biden says the Republican Party is in the grip of “MAGA’s extremist agenda.” His attack was sparked by the abortion controversy that erupted this week in the United States over a leaked Supreme Court draft opinion seeking to repeal nationwide abortion rights. The Supreme Court won a Republican majority under the Trump administration.

“This is more than just an abortion,” Biden said in a statement Wednesday. What are the next things to attack? Because this MAGA movement is indeed the most extreme political movement in modern American history. Suppose, he suggested to his audience, that a country soon decided that LGBT children should not be allowed to sit in a classroom with other children?

Midterm elections in November

Biden launched an all-out attack on Republicans. In November, the American voter decides what type of Congress he will face during the second part of his presidency. If the Democrats lose the small majority they have there now, he could do less on his agenda. On the campaign trail for this midterm, Biden contrasts sharply with Republicans.

He also spoke at the White House on Wednesday about their “shameful” economic plans. To that end, he cited a proposal by Florida Senator Rick Scott to have all Americans pay income tax. Today, many do not have to because their income is very low. “It’s extreme, like most MAGA products,” Biden said. “Meanwhile, millionaires and billionaires are stepping back.” Scott’s proposal was not enthusiastically accepted anywhere in the Republican Party.