November 25, 2022

The Fiji Times »A new political movement

Bula readers! Today’s topic is politics and many individuals and groups have sent me messages and emails asking why I joined the People’s Alliance and what attracted me to the party. . After reflection here is my explanation.

When I became a founding member of the People’s Alliance Party, it was a privilege and an honor to contribute on my small scale to a movement of fresh starts and a new dawn in politics.

What started out as a mere dream has turned into a huge movement of change and hope for individuals and groups looking for a brilliant new beginning.

Our party respects all individual views, and whether you support the government of the day or any other political party, we are here to interact, discuss and share views that will benefit the nation as a whole going forward.

I spent a lot of time with party leader Sitiveni Rabuka before the party was formed and also after it was formed.

He is a strong and charismatic leader who wants to lead a united Fiji and also wants an inclusive government where everyone has a say, not just one or two people.

He also wants to lead a nation with compassion and is committed to all the Fijian people, who in my books are a leader that Fiji desperately needs.

On top of that, as my father once told me, there are two guarantees in life and that is change and death. Neither of us can do anything about it with death, but Mr. Sitiveni has certainly become a wiser, very compassionate and certainly inclusive leader to all who live in Fiji.

If any individuals or groups think the People’s Alliance is not a party for them, that is fine and we will respect that, but if we can win your heart and you later learn that we are an inclusive party. , multicultural and progressive, we are waiting to welcome you.

Interestingly, in all recent political polls, the People’s Alliance, which became a registered political party just 10 weeks ago, now leads all parties in the polls and is the preferred choice of the political party. to form the government.

Mr Rabuka is the Prime Minister’s preferred choice to lead the nation, so stay tuned as this ever-growing grassroots movement continues its peaceful journey.

On a personal note, I was surprised and overwhelmed by the support and wishes of so many people in Fiji, including many government officials. I certainly don’t deserve this because I know there are a lot of other people in the country who are doing a tremendous job trying to help so many of our people.

I have also found that being on a collective team is really beneficial for our movement, and I am certainly grateful to be one of the 12 founding party members who are; Ratu Vuniyani Navuniuci, Ro Naulu Mataitini, Sitiveni Ligamamada Rabuka, Sakiasi Ditoka, Joseva Leano, Asaeli Driu Naevo, Ajay Amrit, Titilia Vuataki, Pavan Haer Singh, Sereana Tavatuilagu, Keith Watkins and Dan Lobendahn, and be reassured as and when as we grow and resource, we will meet and seek each other’s advice on issues that will benefit the nation.

I am a free thinker, I write about feelings, I write about the desire to live in peace without being victimized, and I write about freedom of the press, freedom of speech, which are so important to all. nation, especially for our young people and our children who need to be encouraged to make their voices heard together without fear.

As most people who know me can attest, I am ready to converse with anyone and everyone to listen to their opinion and respect their point of view, which some people in power refuse to do.

As we all know, any good leader worthy of respect should fundamentally listen to advise, listen to the people within his organization and ultimately listen to the people of the nation because you are the servant of the people and not the other way around.

The People’s Alliance stands for inclusiveness, and that is why it is a powerful movement, which respects the rule of law, certainly wants change and wants to rule without citizens living in fear, feeling intimidated or victimized.

I strongly believe in sharing leadership roles by identifying those with talent and passion who want to build a new and inclusive Fiji.

This is a real possibility, something that I believe the majority of citizens want deep down and with the enormous local talent that we have regardless of religion, race, gender and political preferences, it can be achieved thanks to this movement of change.

We need leaders to move from arrogance to humility, from cruelty to compassion, and from hate to love for all. This is my dream for our beloved nation.

Finally, my goal is clear and that makes my job that much easier. The tools I am armed with are love, compassion for people, and forgiveness for those who see themselves as my enemies.

  • AJAY BHAI AMRIT is a founding member of the People’s Alliance party and is also a freelance writer. The opinions expressed in this article are his own and do not necessarily reflect those of this journal.