November 25, 2022

The ex-minister launches a new political “movement” ahead of the 2022 elections

The Jersey Liberal Conservatives (JLC) have said they believe politics should be about politics rather than personality, and was trained by former External Relations Minister Sir Philip Bailhache, alongside four other members founders.

Describing itself as a “political movement,” Sir Bailhache said the group would announce its goals at a launch event on July 8 at the Pomme d’Or Hotel in St Helier, “to establish the support it enjoys among the people of Jersey, before deciding whether to develop as a political party and present candidates in the general elections next year ”.

The group’s charter of objectives and values ​​will be specified at the launch, as well as its general political orientation.

Other founding members of the JLC include former Policy and Resources Committee Chairman Pierre Horsfall CBE, JEP entrepreneur and columnist Susana Rowles, former State Treasurer George Baird, former Director General of Social Security Ann Esterson and managing director of digital agency Matthew Robins.

The group said its members came from different backgrounds but were “united by common ideas.”

In a statement, the JLC said it believed politics should be about politics rather than personalities.

He added: “The people of Jersey deserve a government and a state assembly that is focused on delivering the best comprehensive policies for all islanders. If the decision is made to turn the movement into a party, then it will produce a manifesto of policies based on fiscally conservative and socially liberal ideas, which elected candidates will then strive to implement.