September 29, 2022

The CHR condemns the actions of 2 local political candidates during the campaign

THE Human Rights Commission (CHR) condemned the actions of two local political candidates during a campaign rally in Laguna.

A viral video of the incident showed the two local bets twirling their hips as they sat on a female supporter. One of the political candidates was also seen removing a female supporter’s mask.

The commission involves 6cyclemind leader and Cabuyao councilor Tutti Caringal and Calamba mayor Timmy Chipeco, who were seen riding a female supporter at the event.

“We condemn this incident because it not only exploits women and undermines their inherent dignity, but it also demeans the incumbent office, which political aspirants hold. Additionally, it violates health protocols established by the Elections Commission and the Ministry of Health, especially since the pandemic is not yet over,” CHR spokeswoman Jacqueline Ann de Guia said in a statement on Tuesday.

“As the ombudsman for gender equality, the CHR takes this opportunity to reiterate to the political aspirants involved and their party mates that women are not sex toys to be objectified for entertainment purposes in order to to collect votes. Members of government, including those who aspire to be leaders, must always bear in mind the primacy of respect for human rights,” she added.

De Guia also reminded those involved in this incident to continue to apply health and safety protocols to prevent the spread of Covid-19.

She stressed that candidates must set an example for their supporters to follow health protocols, given that these are the same people they aspire to serve and protect.

Support for presidential candidates

Meanwhile, the commission also publicized expressions of support from presidential candidates to empower the CHR and uphold human rights, as the country has faced challenges over the past few years.

“We welcome expressions of support from presidential candidates who pledge to empower the Commission on Human Rights. cooperation from other government agencies – but we continue to fulfill our mandate to the best of our abilities,” de Guia said.

“We hope that these statements of support will also affirm the importance of upholding the human rights and dignity of all, and that they will translate into a commitment that respect for human rights will be an important facet. future actions, policies and overall governance in the next administration.”

During the second Presidential Debates 2022 organized by the Electoral Commission on April 3, the majority of presidential candidates agreed that the CHR deserved more support from the government.