September 29, 2022

Squamish First: new political party launched by Rajan Hans

A Squamish-born and raised businessman, Rajan Hans has formed a new political party called “Squamish First” and is seeking a seat on the council after encouragement from many in the community.

“Squamish First will be a coalition of like-minded independents coming together to achieve key goals for the community. It will be a coalition that acts from day one on the priorities that Squamish residents have been demanding for 20 years. It will be a coalition that produces real results,” says Rajan Hans.

“I’ve seen Squamish grow exponentially over the years, but infrastructure investment hasn’t kept pace with growth. Stronger policy is needed to prioritize investments in community facilities for young families and the elderly. There has been a lot of development with little results, we have to make sure the developers pay their fair share,” says Hans.

Rajan Hans is the founder of Diamond Head security, a security services company that employs locals and serves the sea-sky corridor.

“I believe experiences provide a solid foundation for generating discussion, before making ethical, informed, and meaningful decisions on behalf of the community,” he says. More information about the candidates and the Squamish First platform will be released in the coming weeks.