September 29, 2022

Sokha denies any involvement in an opposition political movement

Kem Sokha, former chairman of the Cambodia National Rescue Party (CNRP), dissolved by the Supreme Court, has again denied any involvement in any party or political movement that has linked his name to their activities. He said these parties did so to serve their own interests.

On September 5, Sokha posted on his Facebook page a letter made public by his lawyers on February 7, stating that some selfish individuals, groups, parties and political movements continued to use his name and image in the course of their activities.

“I would like to confirm to the public that the statement made by my co-lawyers was on my behalf,” he said, distancing himself from any government in exile formed by ex-CNRP chief Sam Rainsy.

Meng Sopheary, one of Sokha’s co-lawyers, told The Post on September 5 that his client’s latest statement confirmed that he had not supported the activities of any individual or group who had used his name to their profit.

Sopheary said she was not yet sure whether Sokha would take legal action by filing a complaint with authorities and finding an individual or group who repeatedly used her name for political ends. If he makes a decision, lawyers will be called for consultation, she said.

Ou Chanrath, a former senior CNRP official who has now founded the Cambodia Reform Party, said that if he was Kem Sokha he would not worry about anyone using his name for personal gain as it would benefit than in Sokha.

Chanrath said his party had never used Sokha’s name for political purposes and instead respected his right as a leader. He said forming a party was his personal decision.

“I think he warned them once or twice and now he’s come forward again to deny it. Shame on those who used his name, ”he said.

Without confirming that Sokha had targeted his post to Sam Rainsy, Chanrath said that Sokha and Sam Rainsy had not worked together for a few years.