November 25, 2022

S East will win the election in any political party zoned in -Iwuanyanwu – The Sun Nigeria

Since Stanley UzoaruOwerri

President, Ohanaeze Council of Elders Emmanuel Iwuanyanwu expressed optimism that the Southeast will win the presidency in 2023 regardless of which party their candidates belong to.

Iwuanyanwu, who was speaking about insinuations by some party leaders in the North and Southwest that candidates from the South East might usurp their parties’ chances of winning the 2023 presidential election, called it a complete mistake. .

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He said: “It is not true that if a candidate from the South East is assigned to one of the main political parties he would lose the election, it is unfair that he thinks so. One thing is clear, the South is being denied their right, we have worked with other areas and helped them produce the presidency, now it is our turn and they have to give us that support too.

However, responding to questions about whether parties were zoning their presidential tickets beyond the Southeast, he said: “We would wait until after the primaries to know what to do; we asked our aspirants to keep working hard in their parties, we know the politics of this country and I’m sure it’s not over yet.

Speaking on speculation of former President Goodluck Jonathan returning to contest the 2023 presidential election, Iwuanyanwu said, “He denied it and I’m glad he denied it. I have a good relationship with him, I would be surprised after six years in office that he still listens to those he lost and the same people who accused him of so many things, in my opinion, I don’t think that ‘he would like to challenge, those who ask him to come and challenge are only deceiving him, I don’t think he would be deceived.

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