November 25, 2022

Reviews | Why the most dangerous political movement since the Civil War must be crushed

Legendary consumer advocate and former Green Party presidential candidate Ralph Nader has a message for Democrats: Crush the GOP in 2022. Nader views the Republican Party’s embrace of authoritarianism as an existential moment for American democracy , and the midterm elections as the key moment to defeat this rising tide of fascism. “This is clearly the most dangerous political movement since the Civil War, the GOP under the thumb of corporate fascist Trump,” Ralph Nader said. said this week on democracy now! news time. “He’s spawned a whole breed of mini-Trumpsters who get far too much publicity compared to their opponents. Everything we’ve fought for, for over 50 years, is at stake here.”

“The midterm election is ultimately about democracy versus fascism.”

Nader teamed up with political organizer and author Mark Green, launching a campaign called “Winning America”, with a website, Nader and Green believe that a rapid reorganization of Democratic candidate messaging could have a dramatic effect on the outcome of the midterm elections. The electorate is not as divided as many would have us believe, argue Nader and Green, particularly on a range of policies and programs that most Americans support.

“What they need to do is authenticate their message and their rhetoric where people live, work and raise families, often referred to as kitchen table issues,” Nader said, referring to Democrats. “They need to compare and contrast life under the authoritarian, bigoted corporate GOP with life under the Democrats.”

Ralph Nader continued, “For example, 20 or 25 million people will get a $15 minimum wage raise under Democrats. The GOP is against that. The GOP’s assault on children is absolutely staggering. Not to using available Medicaid funds to insure exposing them to dangerous pesticides and denying paid family and sick leave The GOP is against it The $300-a-month child tax credit given to 58 million children in our country, reducing child poverty by a third, was suspended due to GOP opposition in January.

Mark Green stresses the need for simple, bold statements in the time remaining before the midterm elections to activate what he calls the “five-second voter”, those who don’t follow politics on a daily basis.

“The midterm election is ultimately about democracy versus fascism.” Green said on Democracy Now! “But now, for the past two weeks, you have to be rhetorically tough on the party, the Republicans, who are quick to call Democrats not just socialists but communists and murderers. At this point, Democrats don’t can’t flinch at being blunt and cutting their campaigns down to one, two or three major phrases and concepts… The Democrats have better politics, how the hell do they lose?

Ralph Nader has a response to Republicans who try to smear their opponents by calling them “socialists”:

“Oh, you Republicans are against socialism? I know why you say that, because you hate Medicare. You hate the post office. You hate Medicaid. You hate public drinking water. You hate public schools. You Hate social security. That’s why you talk about socialism. But you really are corporate socialists. You want to bail out all corporations, no matter how small. You want to subsidize, hand out all kinds of things to corporations by mocking your so called free market philosophy.. Same thing with defunding the police.Republicans are defunding the corporate crime police.

As core issues like Social Security and Medicare protection resonate with most voters of all parties, Donald Trump and his loyalists have deployed a relentless stream of propaganda and misinformation to support the big Trump’s lie that the 2020 election was stolen.

The Washington Post analyzed every upcoming midterm race for congressional and state offices, and found 291 Republican candidates who are repeating Donald Trump’s campaign lie. In 171 of those races, the Republican is expected to win. There are 48 additional races that the Post calls “competitive.” In many of these races, right-wing extremists could very well replace incumbent Democrats, in offices ranging from the US Senate, gubernatorial positions and, perhaps most alarmingly, as Secretaries of State. It is the state officials who really run the elections.

Ralph Nader never hesitated to criticize the Democratic Party. Now sharp and focused at age 88, he urges Democrats to “crush the GOP,” with a detailed array of issues and talking points on

“It’s an order of magnitude we’ve never seen before,” Nader concluded, denouncing Republicans. “We have never seen a party literally try to suppress the vote, miscount the vote, purge the vote, intimidate the precinct worker volunteers and steal the election. They actually said: “Any election we lose is because it was stolen from us. ‘ That’s the word of a dictatorial party.”