November 25, 2022

Republicans and Democrats launch a new political party: the Forward Party | National

(The Center Square) – Republican and Democratic politicians have created a third political party, the Forward Party, arguing that “more unites us than divides us,” according to its website.

“The rigid, top-down, one-size-fits-all platforms of outdated political parties drift to the margins, making solutions impossible,” they argue. “We are for making, not for dividing. It means rejecting the far left and the far right and seeking common ground.

The party “celebrates diverse viewpoints and creativity – welcoming Democrats, Republicans and independents who are committed to rejecting extremes and solving problems.”

It was founded by Democrat Andrew Yang, who ran for mayor of New York in 2021 and for president in 2020, former Republican Governor of New Jersey Christine Todd Whitman and former Republican Congresswoman from Florida David Jolly.

In a editorial published in the Washington Post, the founders argued that “most third parties have failed” and that their party won’t because it will unify the “majority of Americans who want to overcome divisions and reject extremism.”

Third parties that failed did so “because they were ideologically too narrow or the population was not interested”. They point to a Gallup survey published last February which revealed that 62% said a third party was needed, up from 57% last September.

According to the poll, “a record 63% of Republicans favor one-third” and about half of those polled consider themselves independents.

Leaders of the new party say of more than 500,000 elected positions nationwide. many could be won by Forward Party candidates. According to a recent studyover 70% of ballot races in 2020 were unopposed or uncontested, and only a fraction of congressional races will be closed in November, perhaps suggesting there is an opportunity for third-party candidates to win those races.

The leaders of the new party invite people from all political backgrounds to join the Forward Party “without giving up their existing political affiliations”. They plan to hold a national convention next summer.

Advanced Politicians “will spend the 2020s and beyond working to fix America’s broken political system,” they say on their website. The party will also ask to be on the ballot in every state and first-race candidates in 2024. They are “actively recruiting” former members of Congress, governors, entrepreneurs, political operatives and community leaders.