June 24, 2022

Regulating the financing of political parties – PNC

The People’s National Convention (PNC) said that the lack of regulation in the funding of political party activities has given way to the growing levels of corruption in the country.

He said corruption was prevalent in part due to unregulated funding of political parties, abuse of office and the use of funds from illicit sources to support political party activities.

The PNC Secretary General, Ms. Janet Nabla, who said so in an interview with the Daily Graphic, therefore called on the Electoral Commission to make a realistic assessment of the amount spent by political parties and their candidates and to hold them to account.

pay more

She said it was now clear that winning political power in the country depended on a party’s ability to “pay more” to sway the electorate.

She explained that the current situation is contrary to what prevailed in the political space of the country in the past, when the politics of ideas played a major role in the conquest of power.

“Corruption has engulfed every facet of our lives, beginning with our homes, in our schools, the various state agencies, the marketplace and now our institutions, the three branches of government, have somehow another engaged in alleged acts of corruption,” she said.

Ms. Nabla said the PNC strongly believed that laws on political party financing should be regulated and enforced.

legal system

To avoid the situation and put the country back on the path of growth and development, she said the legal system must be strengthened to address the issues of unexplained wealth in societies.

“There must be a legal system that ensures that people running for office are not allowed to use ill-gotten funds and resources to influence elections,” she said.

Voter Education

Ms. Nabla explained that voter education was also important in the country’s quest to reduce and completely eliminate corruption linked to the public sector.

She therefore advocated for adequate voter education across the country to prepare new voters and people who may have difficulty understanding the reason for and effect of the election on their daily lives.

“The Ghanaian voter must be properly informed of the reasons why they should queue and vote, because the usual financial demand that some voters make to vote is the result of voters’ failure to understand that their votes have provided them with good roads, a sanitary structure, adequate educational infrastructure. In short, their votes give them a good standard of living as citizens,” she said.