August 10, 2022

Prashant Kishor to launch Jan Swaraj, a centre-left political movement, on October 2

By our representative
India’s top political strategist, Prashant Kishor, has said he will launch Jan Swaraj, a political movement in Bihar, on October 2, aimed at mobilizing people from village to village in the bottom-ranking Indian state. social and economic.
This new effort, he said, will listen to the people to come up with a workable strategy as they are unhappy with the performance of the political parties they helped win the elections. In Bihar, despite 25 governments, the situation has not changed, he said in Melbourne, reports South Asia Times (SAT), an Australian news portal.
Speaking at a select rally, Kishor claimed his political advice in 10 out of 11 elections for Prime Minister Narendra Modi (third time in Gujarat and Central in 2014) and subsequently in state elections in Bihar (Janata Dal-United), West Bengal (Trinamool Congress), and Tamil Nadu, among others, have been successful.

Kishor was in conversation with the CEO of the Australia India Institute, Lisa Singh, at the Institute’s premises as part of the “Chats over Chai” program in front of an audience of academics and students. He explained that his plan is to understand the problems, what solutions are possible and to identify people who could be future political leaders. It could be a fresh start, he said.
Kishor’s political ambitions in India’s complex, unstable and noisy multi-party system lie in forming another political party, likely centre-left, he told the SAT. He wants to give representation to a new generation of people who can enter politics, perhaps by diminishing dynastic politicians, he said, adding that he is determined to take up this new challenge.