September 29, 2022

Political candidates take to social media as Covid hampers campaigning

Due to the Covid-19 guidelines and restrictions imposed by the Election Commission of India (ECI), various party candidates have taken to social media to campaign.

Video messages from singers praising candidates have become a preferred medium for many candidates to interact with voters.

Songs from candidates who previously held office list the work that has been done during their tenure while songs from new candidates are listed in their diaries.

In all three constituencies, approximately 50% of all authorizations granted were for such methods.
According to one of the officials, a total of 90 authorizations were granted in this regard to the various candidates running for their respective electoral campaigns. These included asking permission to display their posters, fly balloons, and make different video messages as well as advertisements that can be run on different social media platforms.

“Of the 90 clearances, 45 clearances were granted for video-recorded messages and songs recorded by singers for political party candidates. Permissions were granted after verifying the content of audio and video material,” the officer added.

Speaking in more detail on the matter, the officer added that apart from flying balloons, political candidates also rely on displaying flexible signs as another method to reach out to voters in different constituencies.
“We also gave nine clearances to fly balloons,” the officer said. Election campaigns are due to end here on Friday. The district will also observe the drought from February 18 to 20.