November 25, 2022

Political candidates speak out: contexts, objectives explained

Meet the candidates for
Assemblyman, 122nd District

Editor’s note: Last week, we sent out an email asking the candidates for the major political races in November to share information about themselves, so our readers can get to know them a little better. We asked them:

A. Please tell us about yourself.

B. If elected, what are your main priorities and why?

We’ll be posting these answers over the next few weeks, in the hope that it will help you in your decision-making process on Tuesday, November 8th. Please come out and vote!

Dan Butterman, DEM

Dan Butterman

A: I live in Oneonta with my wife, Ana Laura, and our three daughters. We have enjoyed participating in many community organizations over the years, starting with community groups – we are both musicians. Ana teaches music at Hartwick College and I work in claims at NYCM Insurance.

I grew up in a family business making candles, which my parents still do today. The company started in 1971 and at its peak employed nearly 80 people. It was a good place to work, and a lot of my goals and ideas for business development came from that experience. For the past 16 years I have worked in the insurance claims field, starting with six years at GEICO and now 10 years at NYCM Insurance. I graduated from the University of Arizona with a Bachelor of Music, and later from Southern Methodist University with a Masters in Business Administration.

At Oneonta, in addition to performing with the community band, I served on the boards of directors for the Oneonta City Schools, Oneonta City Planning Board, Oneonta Concert Association, and ‘Opportunities for Otsego. In 2017 I co-founded TEDxOneonta with the goal of bringing people and ideas to today, and so far I’ve done just that with speakers from across the region and the world sharing their ideas right here in Oneonta.

Our daughters are the best part of my biography, and I’m also proud to seem involved in the community. It’s a family business for us, and you’ll probably see my daughters with me at almost every community event I attend.

B: My goal in the Assembly and in public service is to bring people back to central New York. Our region lost people in the last census and we need to turn things around. There is no single law that can make this possible, but we need to make significant progress in several areas to improve our chances of more people calling Central New York home. I will focus on affordable housing, energy, economic development, agriculture, infrastructure and education. You can find more details on my website or call 315-280-8441.

Colton Mennig, FRM

Colton Mennig

I was born and raised in midtown New York City to working-class parents who worked multiple jobs to make ends meet. Growing up, I saw the struggles that my family, friends, and neighbors faced, struggles that I personally continue to face today as a working-class New Yorker. It motivated me to get involved in finding solutions that improve the daily lives of people in central New York. I have worked with three US senators, a congressman, a federal agency, and two advocacy organizations to advocate for our communities. In these roles, I have worked directly in government oversight to ensure our government is effective and ethical, and I have advocated for comprehensive environmental protection reforms. I have also worked to ensure access to reproductive health care and to ensure that our public schools have the resources to succeed.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, I returned to the world of education to help local public schools deal with staffing shortages. This experience gave me first-hand insight into how statewide policies affect the education New York Central students receive. These experiences will allow me to get to work from day one to effectively advocate for our communities. I’m running because I understand the challenges that working families face.

I am running because our communities deserve an effective voice in Albany. I’m running because democracy matters. As a member of your Assembly, I will commit myself every day to listen to you and to fight for a better future for all of us!

B: When elected, I will prioritize policies to provide tax relief to working families, retirees, farmers and small businesses to ensure that people in central New York can afford to survive. and thrive in our communities. I will prioritize efforts to increase funding for local infrastructure and public schools. Our communities deserve to receive their fair share of funding to revitalize our downtowns, repair our roads and ensure equity in our education system. I will also prioritize policies aimed at protecting our environment, such as expanded renewable energy and public transportation programs. We must act now to protect our environment for future generations!

Brian Miller, REP, CON

Brian Miller

A: For the past six years, I have served as a member of the New York State Assembly, representing the 101st Assembly District, and am currently running for the newly drawn 122nd.

Before working at the Assembly, I spent over 36 years as a mechanical engineer. My time as an engineer has really solidified my thinking foundations: analyzing problems, getting to the root of those problems, and coming up with viable solutions. This is something that has been missing in Albany for a long time and, as my experience over the past six years has taught me, much more is needed.

I served eight years as Bridgewater Town Supervisor and another 16 years as a member of the Oneida County Legislative Assembly. This experience has given me insight into how decisions made at the state level affect our local municipalities.

Over the past six years, I have earned a reputation for being willing and able to work with both parties, setting aside partisan politics for the good of our communities and protecting our northern values. State.

B: Some of my priorities upon re-election include: fighting for our families; protect our communities by repealing policies such as bail reform; remove burdens on job growth and small businesses; stand with farmers; and work to bring broadband to our region. I will continue to stand up for our veterans, ensure fair wages for direct care workers, and fight for all educational pathways, including trades.

I remain wholeheartedly committed to public service and look forward to continuing our work for our upstate communities.