November 25, 2022

Political Candidates Speak Out: Backgrounds, Goals Explained – Assembly, 101st District

Meet an Assembly Candidate, 101st District, for Election Day, November 8, 2022

Editor’s note: We’ve sent out an email asking the candidates for next week’s major political races to share some information about themselves, so our readers can get to know them a little better. Each candidate had the opportunity to give their answers. We asked them:

A. Please tell us about yourself.
B. If elected, what are your main priorities and why?

We’ve been analyzing these responses over the past few weeks, in the hope that it will help you in your decision-making process on Tuesday, November 8th. Please come out and vote!

Matthew Mackey, Democratic/Labour Family Parties


Running for Assemblyman, 101st District
A. My name is Matthew Mackey and I am a social worker and advocate dedicated to changing policies that will benefit communities. As a social worker, I have been specially trained to recognize problems in policies and identify solutions through collaboration with communities and organizations. I grew up on a small apple farm in Milton, NY and Bloomingburg, NY with two deaf parents. As a young child, I often acted as an interpreter for my parents and advocated for them to receive the services afforded to most parents.
I started working as a teenager to support myself and my family, eventually becoming an advocate for families with children with special needs. In this role, I helped save millions of families by fighting insurance companies to provide benefits to children. I then decided to pursue my Masters in Social Work at Adelphi University and worked with organizations such as the National Association of Social Workers-NYS Chapter, helping to shape policy agendas and advocating directly to New York lawmakers with the powerful stories of the people I work with. with and how to create a better policy that works for everyone. Never afraid to stand up for what is right, even within my own party, in 2011 I helped prevent the deportation of a same-sex binational married couple, who had been living legally in the United States since over 25 years. and built a business together by petitioning the Obama administration with over 20,000 signatures in six days.

B Having worked directly with lawmakers and understanding how Albany works, I will be ready from day one to get the resources our communities need to thrive. Some of my priorities will be investing in rural health care, infrastructure development (broadband and cellular services), protecting our environment and our farms, and revitalizing our communities. All of these issues relate to public safety, livability, and the affordability of living in a neighborhood where resources are scarce. Everyone in our communities deserves a healthy and happy environment in which to live and grow, now and for generations to come. Together, change is possible!