November 25, 2022

Political candidates reflect on 2021 with March primaries around the corner

TEXAS (KFDX / KJTL) – Texas politics are now escalating with the 2022 campaign in full swing.

All top state officials are set for re-election, and both Republican and Democratic candidates are reflecting on this year’s events and how they plan to make improvements if appointed.

The Texas primaries are only three months away, and gubernatorial candidate Beto O’Rourke has expressed disapproval of the actions of Governor Greg Abbott since the start of his election campaign. The focal point of the Democratic campaign? The reliability of the state‘s electricity grid.

“There is no way to explain or justify the collapse of the electricity grid in a state that is the center of the energy world, at least here in North America, except incompetence. the governor and the conflicts of interest he has, ”says O’Rourke.

Texas Representative James Frank said the responsibility lies less with the governor and more with the abnormal weather conditions the state experienced in early 2021, as well as those who are in charge of its day-to-day operations.

“Frankly the network was fine before we had a problem, you know, 254 counties below zero, which never happened in Texas, maybe never will happen again, really weird. really weird weather situations, ”Frank said.

Frank said a number of improvements have been made including communication and weathering within the network to help prevent future events similar to the historic freeze from occurring in the future.

But O’Rourke says it will take more work to see that come to fruition.

“We need to fix the grid, which means altering every aspect of the electricity supply, from generators owned and operated by utilities to the actual supply of electricity, including especially the gas supply in Texas, which has was the main factor in the network collapse that we saw in February, ”O’Rourke said.

Another topic on O’Rourke’s trail is COVID policies.

He says Abbott has shown no leadership during the pandemic and has sent mixed signals to Texans when it comes to public health measures.

But Frank says these mixed signals aren’t coming from the governor.

“Here we are 18 months into the pandemic and we still have declarations of urgency coming from above in DC, most of which are overturned by the courts and not correct and Congress and I would also say the legislatures states have really not acted. in, ”Frank said.

O’Rourke says COVID security should be monitored more effectively and give Texas employers more confidence in decision-making related to the pandemic.

“We need a governor who will follow the science. The best advice from doctors and experts in public health and which, at a minimum, will fade when private companies want to make their own decisions regarding the protection of their employees and customers; when school districts want to protect children in their care. Let’s make sure they’re allowed to do it, ”O’Rourke said.

The Texas primary is scheduled for March 1.

Representative Frank will run against Walter Coppage for his seat in District 69 and O’Rourke and Governor Abbott will both have fairly strong competition in each of their parties with many candidates vying for the same position.