November 30, 2022

Political candidates in Pittsburgh will be allowed to use campaign funds for child care

Candidates for political office in Pittsburgh will be allowed to use campaign funds for certain child care expenses incurred as a result of their campaigns starting in the next election cycle.

Under legislation passed by city council on Tuesday, candidate committees will be able to use campaign funds to pay for child care expenses incurred during an election cycle to pay for “reasonable and necessary child care services. during the period when the candidate engages in a campaign activity ”.

Several council members said they witnessed or personally experienced the challenges of raising a family while running for office.

The move is a signal that local authorities want to see parents represented in elected offices, said Erika Strassburger, co-sponsor of the bill who said she had personally “experienced this tangle” between wanting to run for office. , but also need to worry about it. for her family.

The legislation, which passed unanimously on Tuesday, will allow candidates to use campaign funds to cover expenses such as professional or occasional childcare and organizations offering childcare services. However, it would not cover things like pre-primary, primary or secondary education.

The money also could not be used to pay a candidate’s family or household members for custody of their children.

Child care expenses would be disclosed in the same manner as other expenses that nominee committees are required to disclose.

The legislation – introduced by City Councilor Corey O’Connor, who is himself a new dad – will come into effect in the next election cycle.

Julia Felton is a writer for Tribune-Review. You can contact Julia at 724-226-7724, [email protected] or via Twitter .