November 25, 2022

Political candidates are empty suits filled with empty promises

Ryan is empty of promises

As the national debt rises at an exponential rate, it is time to carefully consider the qualifications of the representatives sent to Washington.

First, many current candidates have no background in finance or have never managed a budget. They lack the ability to read and understand financial statements or have the ability to judge how expenditures invoices will have an impact on taxpayers.

Most outsized Biden administration spending contains promises that they are “paid”. Total and insubstantial lies once the hypotheses are carefully analyzed. Few, if any, revenue projections materialize and expenses always exceed projections.

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Second, the candidates did nothing more than run for one political office or another. Constantly kneeling for more campaign funds. Most have avoided military service, which is a true indication of their love of America.

Third, most know that the election depends on declaring their goals. Rarely, if ever, are they held responsible for empty campaign promises.

Candidate Tim Ryan is a perfect example of the empty suit attempting to fool voters with promises and little substance. Look closely at the rest of the candidate pool to see their ability to represent voters honestly and responsibly.

Timothy Michael, Christopher Columbus

Letters to the Editor

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Queen Elizabeth lets us repost by Terry Mosher, The Montreal Gazette

Rights removed

No matter where we live, most of us value privacy and don’t want government dictate our health care decisions. Most of us know that we will make the best decisions about our health by consulting closely with our families and our doctors.

Ohio Governor Mike DeWine gives a double thumbs up as he enters the chambers of the Ohio House of Representatives before delivering his State of the State address at the Ohio Statehouse in Columbus in March.

Yet Governor DeWine and most Republican lawmakers in Ohio have deprived many girls and women of their right to privacy and proper medical care in pass the extreme six-week abortion ban. This ban has no exception for incest or rape and no exceptions for fatal fetal anomalies.

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We have now seen the effect of this ban in the tragic story of the 10 year old girl who had to travel from Ohio to Indiana have an abortion after being raped. We have also seen that doctors must now assess their legal risk against their ethical requirement to provide the best care to their patients.

After:Gov. Mike DeWine says he wants to ‘go as far as possible’ to ban abortions in Ohio

DeWine indicated that he supports a total ban on all abortionsforcing women to give birth, whether or not it affects the maternal health or well-beingthe child or the family.

Ohio gubernatorial candidate Nan Whaley speaks at a Democratic Party rally at the Ohio Statehouse following the U.S. Supreme Court's overturning of Roe v Wade United.

We can put an end to these heartbreaking stories by eliminating the heartless. By coming together, we can stop this extremist healthcare agenda by vote for Nan Whaley for Governor in November. Every girl, woman and family deserves the right to plan her family and be ready to love her baby when she is born.

Patricia Swarts, Danville

Farewell Queen Elizabeth 1926 to 2022 by Ed Wexler,

Make school upgrades a reality too

Now that Safelite Field at Ohio Stadium is a reality, perhaps other Columbus-based companies could step in to provide direct financial and material support to the various schools in the city of Columbus for their long overdue environmental improvements. It’s an investment in their future workforce.

Patricia Connor, Christopher Columbus

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