September 29, 2022

Pennsylvania’s newest political party has gubernatorial and senator candidates on the ballot

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) — Pennsylvania has a new political party, the Keystone Party, and it is fielding candidates for governor and U.S. senator in November.

“All the political parties out there today rarely talk about the solutions to the problems, the solutions that every day Pennsylvanians already agree with,” said Keystone party chairman Gus Tatlas.

Tatlas says the opinions of many Pennsylvanians cannot be reflected by just two sides.

“Is it reasonable to think that only two major parties can accurately represent the voice of all these people? No, it’s ridiculous. So when we’re on the streets collecting all these petitions, in certain areas what you have to say is: ‘we are a third party.’ And they sign your petitions and don’t even ask about your party because they want another voice, they want another choice.

He says both major parties seem beholden to their most extreme members and apply litmus tests on the issues.

“The major problem with the Republican and Democratic parties is that they choose to build their base on divisive rhetoric. They take the most complicated issues, the most sensitive issues, and draw a line in the sand in their party” , did he declare.

Tatlas says the Keystone Party, by contrast, seeks to solve problems with solutions on issues such as government reform, fair elections, social and criminal justice reform, individual rights and taxation.

One of the Keystone Party candidates is gubernatorial candidate Joe Soloski. Soloski, who lived in Indiana Township for many years before moving to Center County, wants to cut the state budget by 5% each year. Another goal is the reform of state government.

“We are the most progressive when it comes to reform,” Soloski said.

Pennsylvania’s new political party has gubernatorial and senator candidates on the ballot