June 24, 2022

Open Forum: Vote for democracy, not for a political party | Winchester Star

When we go to the polls in November, residents of Winchester and Frederick County will no longer vote for a candidate in the 10th congressional district.

Following the redistricting, residents of Winchester and Frederick County will vote in the 6th congressional district. Currently, this district is represented by Ben Cline, a resident of Botetourt County.

In anticipation that Ben Cline may win his primary and be elected to represent the 6th in Congress in January, I researched Ben Cline’s voting record. I wanted to know what Ben Cline stands for and what he is against.

I learned that he is against almost everything.

He voted against government funding, deciding that the government should default and not pay the bills it had already spent.

He voted against funding our military, voting against the National Defense Authorization Act of 2022.

He voted against Medicare and farmer protections against automatic receivership cuts.

He voted against the “law on infrastructures and employment”. Ben Cline is against fixing bridges, roads, clean water, broadband for rural areas — just about anything for those struggling to make ends meet in his congressional district. He voted against protecting families from domestic violence.

He is against the right to vote, voting against the John Lewis Voting Rights Act. He does not believe that all people, regardless of race or ethnicity, should have equal access to the ballot box, a fundamental foundation of our democracy.

I could go on and on about what Ben Cline is against.

I saw our US Capitol be attacked on January 6th. It was brutal and “un-American”. Hours after that attack, Ben Cline voted against legal certification of key states whose governors sent voters to legally confirm Joe Biden’s victory in those states.

You know what Ben Cline is against? It is against respect for the Constitution.

In November, we will not be voting as Republicans or Democrats, as Conservatives or Liberals, right or left, but rather as Americans trying to save our democracy.

Jim Davison is a resident of Winchester.