September 29, 2022

NNPP is the fastest growing political party, not the North’s affair – Prof. Alkali

Alkali, who is also a former People’s Democratic Party (PDP) National Publicity Secretary, said some people have misrepresented the NNPP as being mainly in Kano.

According to him, the party over the past four months has grown by leaps and bounds and built a structure in all states of the federation.

Alkali, also a former pro-chancellor of the Federal University of Technology Minna (FUTMinna), noted that it was a misconception that the NNPP is a small political party and could not go far.

He said the party had been able to build structures, mobilize members and had candidates for governorships, national and state assemblies.

“Every political party in Nigeria and in Africa started somewhere. No political party has become a fully-fledged political party overnight.

“Every political party has its internal challenges, but we are not the kind of political party that you can describe as being in crisis.

“It is not a small party, in fact it is the fastest growing political party in the country. We are on the ground. NNPP is not a Kano affair or a Northern affair,” Alkali, professor of political science and economics, added.

The president said the party was trying to resolve a few crises within the party.

“The party is working in every state of the federation to ensure that wherever there are issues, we address those issues,” he said.

He said the party had set up a reconciliation committee at the national and zonal levels to resolve any perceived disagreements.

Alkali said the party’s door remained open to anyone willing to sacrifice for the nation rather than merchants.

“There are people who are ready to support the NNPP but for now they want to shut up. They are talking to us. They are telling us that they are there for us but we have to give them time.

“By the time they mature, things will change. If it’s only when we start campaigning and start preparing for elections, then the picture will become clearer,” he added.

On the spread of NNPP in the southeast, Alkali said the party was making inroads in the region, saying resistance to change was the region’s main problem.

“Technically speaking, there is always resistance to change. PDP has remained strong in this region,” he said.

He urged Nigerians to support the NNPP as one of the most gender-friendly political parties.