September 29, 2022

Nigeria first before political party, candidate or membership

An old English jurist, Lord (John Allsebrook) Simon will say that our political system will only work as long as the leaders of the different parties (political actors) accept the idea that it is better for the other to win than for there have the collapse of law and order.

With 157 days from this day (20-9-2022) until the general election and only 8 days until official political campaigns and rallies kick off, politicians and their team of supporters are advised to soak up the spirit of sport and patriotism. in their political activities. Each of them must bear in mind that this is ‘Nigeria First’ and all actions must show that the positive change of society is the reason why these electoral processes are provided for in the laws. from the country.

People in charge of different parties with different political views should ensure that it is in everyone’s interest to ensure that the law is upheld and the constitution is never violated, even if it results in loss to their political parties or to the detriment of their political opinion, inasmuch as they have only suffered losses by resisting the urge to break the law, they are the heroes and patriots of the constitution.

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When political players put Nigeria first and then everyone else, each of them will act within the spirit of the law and their morality as they go about their political business this season.

Everyone (candidates, political party members and voters) should know that this is Nigeria before political opinions or political ideologies. It is Nigeria first before political candidates or political membership. This is how patriots and heroes of democracy think and act.

Nation first!

The CENI has taken pains to highlight rules of engagement that political actors and their supporters must memorize and keep to heart for the conduct of their political activities before, during and after the 2023 elections. driving include:

-All political parties must abide by all laws, rules and regulations of Nigeria relating to elections and the maintenance of public order.

– All political parties shall at all times uphold the rights and freedoms of the Nigerian people as guaranteed by law.

-All political parties have the right and freedom to present their opinions to the electorate without being hampered by other opposition.

-Political parties must respect the rights of all participants in an election.

-No political party shall use the state apparatus, including state-owned print and electronic media, to the advantage or disadvantage of any other political party or candidate for election.

-No political party shall engage in violent activities or acts of intimidation of any kind, with the aim of demonstrating its strength or supremacy.

-Each political party must, in all forums and at all times, refrain from defamatory, derogatory and insulting attacks against rival parties or individual figures by any form of communication, verbal or written.

-During campaigns, no political party or candidate shall resort to the use of inflammatory language, provocative actions, images or demonstrations inciting violence, hatred, contempt or intimidation against another party or candidate or any person or group of persons.

– All political parties must take all necessary measures to coordinate their campaign activities so as to avoid holding rallies, meetings, marches or demonstrations in close proximity to each other at the same time.

-No political party or candidate shall prevent other parties or candidates from sticking up their posters or distributing their leaflets, leaflets and other publicity materials in a public place. Etc

In general, these codes of conduct point in one direction which is; that “all political activities must be carried out within the bounds of the law and political parties must ensure that their members abide by the rules of engagement and other electoral laws as laid down by the INEC and other relevant regulatory laws”.

This is indeed the period when electorates and rights holders must pay close attention to political activities. Any political party that conducts its activities outside the regulations provided by the electoral laws during its campaign or any other political activity has shown a clear sign that it is breaking the law and if elected will be associated with impunity, foul play and total disregard/disrespect for the rule of law.

Charity, as they say, begins at home and this is the time for political parties to prove to voters that they are following the law by starting by not breaking the electoral laws provided by the INEC and other regulatory laws relevant during this period.

If no one respects or upholds the rule of election laws then the laws will be undermined and it will lead to anarchy but if politicians put Nigeria first even at the expense or loss of their political parties then Nigeria will be on track this political season, free of electoral vices.

May Nigeria succeed.