November 30, 2022

New centre-right political party officially registers in Manitoba

A new political party describing itself as a centre-right party has registered with Elections Manitoba.

On Tuesday, Elections Manitoba announced that the Keystone Party of Manitoba has officially registered in the province. The party was expected to collect 2,500 signatures from people who were eligible for election in the last election.

Being a registered party allows this group to be listed on ballots with approved candidates, to accept contributions and issue tax receipts, to obtain reimbursement of election expenses and to participate in committees. advisory.

The party previously told CTV News it intended to field candidates in the upcoming provincial election.

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It joins six other officially registered parties in the province, according to Elections Manitoba: the Communist Party of Canada – Manitoba, the Green Party of Manitoba, the Liberal Party of Manitoba, the Party of Manitoba, the New Democratic Party of Manitoba and the Progressive Party. -conservative. Manitoba Party (currently the ruling party).

However, only three parties currently hold seats in the Manitoba Legislative Assembly. The Progressive Conservatives currently hold the majority, with 35 seats. The NDP is the official opposition party, with 18 seats.

Three members of the Manitoba Liberal Party sit in the Legislative Assembly as Independent Members, as a party must win at least four seats to be considered an official party in the Legislative Assembly.

One seat is currently vacant, after former PC MP for Kirkfield Park Scott Fielding retired in mid-June.