August 10, 2022

More than 150 Republicans launch new political movement questioning Trump’s role in GOP

The effort came hours after Representative Liz Cheney of Wyoming was ousted from her Republican leadership post by her colleagues in the House for openly speaking out about Trump’s lie that the election was stolen from him, underlining a once again the former president’s grip on the GOP and the challenge for the group’s signatories in seeking to reshape the party.

McMullin, who ran for president as an Independent in 2016, and Taylor, who wrote an anonymous book condemning the Trump administration, organized the effort and published a set of principles in the News from Déseret Thursday.

“Enough is enough and we must offer a coalition of common sense for this country and a more unified alternative vision than what we see from the current GOP, which is now rotten to its core with its persistent attacks on our democracy. Taylor declared CNN’s new day on Wednesday. “So our message is that it is time to reform or repeal the Republican Party.”

In the set of principles, the group wrote that they would “reimagine a party dedicated to our founding ideals or speed up the creation of such an alternative.”

“We seek the preservation and improvement of our democratic republic and the endurance of our self-government, free from interference and defended against all enemies, foreign and national,” they wrote in their declaration of principles. “We oppose the use of fear, conspiracy and lies and instead support policy-making based on evidence and honest discourse. “

It is not a third party, but a movement, said lawyer George Conway, who is the husband of former White House adviser Kellyanne Conway and is also part of the group.

“I don’t think I would characterize it as much as a third party as a coalition. I don’t think a third party necessarily works in the type of political system that we have with single-member districts,” he told Anderson Cooper of CNN. Wednesday night. “But there is a need for people who have a conservative to moderate point of view and who want to believe in the rule of law and they need a place to go and a place where they can organize and support. candidates who are consistent with that. “

The list of Republicans who have signed includes former Massachusetts Governor Bill Weld and former South Carolina Governor Mark Sanford, as well as 27 former members of the United States House of Representatives, including Barbara Comstock, Charlie Dent and Paul Mitchell; and a former Senator David Durenberger.

Other members of the group include former White House communications director Anthony Scaramucci; former Department of Homeland Security official Elizabeth Neumann; and former DHS General Counsel John Mitnick.