November 30, 2022

Mexican state male political candidates use gender ideology to portray themselves as trans women

In the face of criticism, the president of Force for Mexico in Tlaxcala, Luis Vargas, declared in a Televisa news program that his party’s candidates “are not fake” trans people: “The trans issue has three parts: transgender, transsexual and transvestite. And the stakes for the (trans) community are very large. I can’t enter into people’s privacy and tell them “you yes and you no”.

Speaking about the “fake trans” report on Televisa, Mexican journalist Denise Maerker said that 18 Force for Mexico candidates adopted trans identity and identified themselves as trans.

Speaking to ACI Prensa, CNA’s Spanish-language press partner, Marcial Padilla, director of ConParticipación, an organization that promotes family values, said “there are occasions when the saying ‘the serpent bites its own tail’ “to become true”.

Here they might say “don’t judge me or discriminate against me because of my gender expression,” he said.

“Finally, gender ideology, being a matter of subjective confusion and chaos, also reaches a point of crisis when monetary, political or other interests can demonstrate its lies and confusion,” Padilla pointed out.

“This will be one of many cases that we will see in Mexico and other countries.”