November 30, 2022

Lubbock Political Candidates Forum Held for Texas Tech Law Students | KLBK | KAMC

LUBBOCK, Texas — On Monday afternoon, law students at Texas Tech University shifted their busy schedules to attend a candidates’ forum hosted by the Federalists Society. Students were fed and asked to listen to those who were on the ballot.

Texas Tech law student Tyler Smotherman said the event gave him a closer look at the applicants and a better idea of ​​their top priorities.

“It was great, especially not from Lubbock,” he said. “I think local politics impact all of us more than we realize. It was therefore useful to have an overview of some of the differences between the candidates. »

15 candidates spoke, including those running for Texas State Representative for District 84, Lubbock County Judge, 72nd District Judge, County Court Law No. 2, county police station 4 and mayor of Lubbock.

President of the Texas Tech chapter of the Federalist Society, Jacey DuBois, said the purpose of the forum was to make sure students know the people on the ballot.

“[We want to] give them the opportunity to engage in the political process, not to see a person on a screen, but to actually be able to come up and shake their hand, get to meet them,” DuBois said. “Politics happening at the local level affects you way more than what you see, you know, on CNN or Fox [News].

“So I think the purpose of this event was really to highlight that to our students and give them the opportunity to engage in the political process.”

A few popular topics the candidates discussed included additional funding for the university, road repairs and repairs, and increased support for local law enforcement.

Each person who had the chance to speak had 3 minutes to put forward their points of view. They were instructed not to ask for votes directly, but had no other restrictions. Despite the short time frame, students like Jaret Thurson said they wouldn’t have wanted it any other way.

“You see the signs around Lubbock every day when you drive,” Thurson said. “And so it’s really nice to hear from these guys. And you know what they really want to do with those positions if elected.