September 29, 2022

Letter: Sawyer stable, calm and not affiliated with a political party

For the editor-

I am pleased to write this letter supporting Steve Sawyer’s candidacy for Portage County Judge.

I have known Steve very informally for about 15 years. During this period, he has always impressed me as an intelligent, caring and caring individual. He has a calm, steady and quietly confident demeanor – all qualities that would benefit a judge. His long and extensive experience in the legal field as a practicing lawyer in the courtroom sets him apart from other candidates in the race.

Throughout his career, Steve has served as both a prosecutor and defense attorney. This allowed him to see the courtroom and the court process from both sides, which is a distinct advantage since as a judge you are responsible for ensuring the legal rights of both plaintiff and defendant.

Another advantage Steve has over his opponent is that Steve is not currently, nor has he been in the past, a member of or affiliated with any political party. It is very useful, in my opinion, to be a judge in whom everyone, regardless of their political opinion, can trust.

I encourage you to take a look at Steve’s journey to learn more about him. His campaign website is, and he said he’s happy to talk to anyone (715-340-7429) with any questions.

In closing, I encourage everyone for the above reasons to vote for and support Steve Sawyer for judge on Tuesday April 5th. Thank you !

Ed Morganroth, Jr.