November 25, 2022

Letter: Reward political candidates who put the community first

I have lived in Routt County since the early 70’s and enjoyed the sense of community that was mostly beyond the state and national partisan politics we see today. Sure, there were cultural and generational clashes and disagreements between ranchers, the ski area, promoters, ski enthusiasts, tourists and newcomers, but when the dust settled it seemed like the community was moving on. first and was a priority.

Nancy Stahovik, former Routt County Commissioner (1993-2013), was a Lincoln Republican who set the nonpartisan standard for putting our county and our community first so there was little distinction between political parties. Our elected officials are a potpourri of both parties, but they serve our county and our community tirelessly and fairly, regardless of political affiliation.

But, lately, I see this MAGA divisive, disparaging rhetoric in the commissioners’ race against Sonja Macys that brings with it the national stain of misinformation and alternate reality. I was also saddened to see this same divisive MAGA, disparaging rhetoric directed at our own Dylan Roberts and Meghan Lukens, who strive daily in the classroom and upstairs at Colorado House to support the community of Routt County which we are all part of today.

Please support people who put community first, not national political rhetoric.

John Spezia

Steamboat springs