November 25, 2022

Kerala gets a new Pravasi Indian-led political party, Outfit promises a ‘self-sufficient, graft-free’ new India

Kerala now boasts of a new political party led by expatriate Indians after the registration of the Kerala Pravasi Association (KPA) with the Electoral Commission.

Rajendran Vellapalath, National Council Chairman of KPA, said the need for an expatriate oriented party was felt as there are around 18 million Indians living abroad but they are being neglected by governments and governments. traditional political parties.

Vellapalath said that in addition to working for “pravasi” Indians, the party aims to use the exposure and experience that expatriates have gained in various fields for the good of India.

KPA has already approached the Supreme Court and filed a writ petition seeking suffrage for pravasis.

Vellapalath said, “We aim to build a self-sufficient and corruption-free New India with the participation of the Pravasi Indians, using their international experience and exposure, work experience, expertise, strength and enthusiasm to overcome any challenge. “

What will also distinguish the party from its traditional contemporaries is that its leaders will not engage in ‘hartals’ or ‘bandhs’.

At present, the party has a national council of 36 members and has established groups in 941 local bodies across Kerala.

The expatriate community covers more than a third of the population of Kerala, contributes around 37% of the state‘s GDP and hence the association started its activities from Kerala.

KPA identified the implementation of expatriate views in 36 areas, including agriculture, environmental protection, industrial development and manufacturing sectors.

Vellapalath said they will also launch a website called “keralastart” to help start-ups and “Keralashree” to formulate programs to help women. These will start in Kerala as pilot projects and the party plans to expand them to other parts of the country.

KPA has also decided to present candidates in the next elections.

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