November 25, 2022

Kabuleta unveils new political party

Former presidential candidate in the last election, Joseph Kabuleta, this morning launched a new political party called the National Economic Empowerment Dialogue (NEED), which he hopes to use to advance his political aspirations.

NEED, which existed since last year only as a pressure group, has now merged with a pre-existing party called the People’s United Movement (PUM) to form the new Party, with Mr Kabuleta at its head. .

The launch of NEED at its new offices in Bugolobi, included the official handing over of the office instruments of the outgoing President, Mr. Shadrach Ogemba, to Mr. Kabuleta.

The launch was preceded by a conference of delegates which, among other things, adopted a new party constitution, approved the name change and the new president and cabinet.

Speaking at the event, Mr Kabuleta said the formation of the new party had been planned even before the last elections, in which he nevertheless participated as an independent candidate for “private reasons”.

“As we were heading towards the (2021) elections, I was approached by Mr. Ogemba and his colleagues and they told me that they had carefully followed my arguments and concluded that we have a lot in common and that we share the same ideology that they had when they registered their party in October 2005,” he said.

“But I still decided to run as an independent even though I was part of the People’s United Movement, for private reasons,” he said.

The new party, Mr. Kabuleta said, will further the economic empowerment agenda for Ugandans that it has cared for since the last elections.

“We believe that the resources we have in this country are enough to give the 40 million Ugandans a very decent life. We have enough resources in this country to pass, the only problem has been the greedy people in power who want to personalize them,” he said.

For his part, the party’s outgoing president, Mr. Ogemba, called on all party members to respect the new constitution and be loyal to the new party leadership.

“I appeal to you, let us share our challenges and successes and build consensus among ourselves,” he said.

“If you can’t come to a consensus, it will be difficult to work together as a united family.”

The new NEED cabinet headed by Mr Kabuleta includes Ms Evelyn Alek as Vice President, Odaka Asuman as General Secretary, Omulangira Joe Jjuuko Nakibinge as Organizing Secretary and Moses Matovu as Publicity Secretary , among others.