September 29, 2022

Jane Fonda launches committee to fight political candidates funded by fossil fuel industry

Jane Fonda has just started a committee to defeat politicians involved in the fossil fuel industry that is warming the planet.

Fonda is a longtime environmental activist and uses her platform to fight climate change. She has participated in numerous climate protests and even paid for student courses on climate change to promote education on the subject.

His new political action committee will work to bring down fossil fuel supporters in primary and general elections at all levels of government. They will achieve this through grassroots organizing and investing in paid media campaigns.

Ariel Hayes will serve as lead advisor to the Jane Fonda Climate PAC. Hayes is the former national political director of the Sierra Cluban environmental organization founded by John Muir.

The fight against the fossil fuel industry is nothing new for Fonda. In 2019, she launched Fire Drill Fridays, which were weekly protests to demand Congress pass the Green New Deal. When the pandemic hit, Fonda didn’t let that stop her fight. For the past two years, she has worked with Greenpeace for in-person and virtual protests amid the pandemic calling for the United States to turn to renewable energy.

“The science is clear: we must halve our fossil fuel emissions by 2030. We have eight years – that’s just four election cycles – to save the planet,” Fonda said in a video. “Greta Thunberg has warned that our house is on fire. So it’s time to fight fire with fire or, in this case, fight dollars with dollars. Jane Fonda Climate PAC will have one goal: to do whatever it takes to defeat the political allies of the fossil fuel industry, no matter which side of the aisle they are on.

Fonda is determined to fight those who stand in the way of a renewable future. It doesn’t matter which side, if you continue to fund the fossil fuel industry, get ready for the PAC fight.

“From scrapping the Green New Deal to scrapping Build Back Better, fossil fuel-funded Democrats and Republicans stand in the way of tackling the climate emergency,” Hayes said. “With only eight years to save the planet, we must take the fight to all allies in the fossil fuel industry.”

It’s always amazing when celebrities with a big platform use their influence for good. More than ever, we must fight against climate change. Sign this petition to demand an end to fossil fuel lobbyists!

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