November 30, 2022

I am not in any political party; Peter Obi is my friend – Father Mbaka apologizes after backlash over ‘unguarded statements’

The Spiritual Director of the Ministry of Worship Enugu, Nigeria (AMEN), Reverend Father Ejike Mbaka has issued a public apology to the Labor Party Presidential candidate, Mr. Peter Obi and all his supporters for his harsh words against Obi.
SaharaReporters had reported that Father Mbaka, during his midweek prayers, said that Obi, whom he described as a miserly man, could not be Nigeria’s president.

It has also been reported that following the statements of the controversial Catholic priest, his supporters and the Catholic Diocese of Enugu State have disavowed him, describing his political statements as divisive and unbecoming of a priest.
The church noted that his statements violated canon 220 of the 1983 Code of Canon Law which prohibited anyone from unlawfully damaging a person’s reputation.
Mbaka, in his letter of apology titled: “Reverend Father Ejike Mbaka blesses His Excellency Peter Obi and his supporters”, also said: “If in any way the supporters of Mr. Peter Obi feel offended by my words or if I have been misunderstood by them, I ask for their understanding and forgiveness.
The statement SaharaReporters obtained on Friday was personally signed by Reverend Father Mbaka Ejike Camillus Anthony.
He however prayed for Peter Obi, that God would grant his will, asking God to allow the emergence of a President who would deliver Nigeria from the troubles of bad leadership.
The apology letter reads: “My dear people of God, I am grateful to God for his unquantifiable and auspicious blessings, miracles, love and life for the Ministry of Worship, Enugu, Nigeria.
“I assure the people of God and Nigerians that I pray for good governance and leadership in this country and that God will give us leaders after his own heart.
“As things stand, it is evident that Nigeria is going through indescribable challenges of insecurity, incalculable unemployment crisis, massive corruption, heinous crimes and unbearable suffering brought about by bad leadership.
“I stand with my fellow men and women in all that we are going through during this difficult time. I call on worshipers and all the people of God to join hands in praying that God will deliver us from the plans of the devil and his wicked agents. .
“I am a servant of God and my intention is not to slander His Excellency, the image of Peter Obi, but to pray for him. May the will of God be done in his life. I pray to God that I serve as to give our beloved people good and excellent leaders who will care for them and lead them to the promised land Whoever God wants our leader to be is my choice.
“In this vein, I give my blessing to His Excellency Peter Obi and his supporters, I also give my blessing to the other candidates and their supporters whose intention is also to give Nigeria good leaders. Either way , followers of Mr. Peter Obi I feel offended by my words or even if they have misunderstood me, I ask for their understanding and forgiveness.As a servant of the Most High God, I pray that everything will be going well for my people.I am a strong supporter of good governance, Justice, fairness, love and piety.
“At this time our people are going through the valleys of the shadows of death (Ps23.4), I pray for peace, love and all that will bring blessings and favors to our people and our suffering youth. I will always stand with you in all your trials.God will take care of you and miraculously bless you for me.
He added: “My intention is not to fight or slander Mr. Peter Obi. He is my friend and has remained my friend and my brother. I love him and wish him success. God bless him, him and his good followers God’s will be done in his political endeavors (Mark 14:36)
“Peter Obi’s followers are the same young people I pray, sacrifice, fight, speak and work for for their integral welfare. What young people go through and their conditions give me sleepless nights. C This is for This is why I yearn for good governance and worthy leaders who will take care of them We are going through unspeakable, unbearable and undeserved hardships in this country I pray for divine intervention.
“I do not belong to any political party but I support good people and good governance. Any good person that God can give us is my candidate of choice. I am a servant of God. In the name of peace, I ask forgiveness in any way I am misunderstood And to Peter Obi himself I ask God to bless him and manifest his will in his life When God says yes, who can say no And when God says no , who can say yes? I bless Peter Obi and pray for him. I bless my dear Adores and I pray for them. I bless God’s people everywhere and I pray that everything goes well for you all.