November 25, 2022

How is a political party recognized as a national or state party in India

The Election Commission of India issued an order deleting 86 unregistered registered political parties deemed “non-existent” and 253 parties were declared “inactive”.

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The Electoral Commission said in a statement: “These 253 (parties) have been declared inactive, as they have not responded to the letter/notification delivered to them and have not contested any election or the General Assembly. of a State nor in Parliament. Election 2014 and 2019.”

While 86 parties were deregistered based on reports of undelivered letters or notices.

What does unrecognized political parties mean?

Electoral Commission

Any association or group of individuals is required to register with the Electoral Commission of India under Section 29A of the Representation of the People Act 1951 to form a political party.

After registration, a party is classified as recognized and unrecognized.

According to the Election Symbols (Reservation and Allocation) Order 1968, a party may be recognized as a national party or a state party depending on the number of votes or seats it obtains in an election.

Eligibility to Become a National Party in India

A political party can become a national party if it fulfills the conditions followed by the Election Commission of India. A political party must win at least 2% of the seats, or 11 Lok Sabha seats in at least three different states in the last general election.

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A political party must obtain at least 6% of the valid votes in general elections held either for the Lok Sabha or for the State Legislative Assembly in 4 or more states. A party has been recognized as a state party in 4 or more states.

According to the Indian Express, if a party becomes a national party, it has the right to reserve a symbol for its contesting candidates across India. They also have the right to appoint “campaign stars” in general elections.

Eligibility to become a State Party in India

According to the Electoral Commission, “a political party shall be deemed to be a recognized political party in a State, if and only if the conditions specified in clause (A) are satisfied, or if the condition specified in clause (B) is satisfied by this to party.

According to clause (A), a party must be engaged in political activity for a continuous period of five years; and has, at the last general election in that State to the House of the People, or, as the case may be, to the Legislative Assembly of the State, re-elected – either (i) at least one member to the House of the People for every twenty-five members of this House or any fraction thereof of this State; or (ii) at least one member of the Legislative Assembly of that state for every thirty members of that assembly or any fraction thereof.

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Clause (B) states that “the total number of valid votes cast by all candidates running for this party at the last general election in the State at the people’s house, or as the case may be, at the State Legislature, shall not be less than six percent of the total number of valid votes cast by all candidates running in such general election in the State.

What is the Election Commission of India (ECI)?

The Election Commission of India is an autonomous and permanent constitutional body which derives its power from the Constitution of India. The body is responsible for organizing free and fair elections in the Union and the States of India. He can direct and control elections for Parliament, State Legislative Assemblies, Office of the President of India and Office of the Vice President of India.

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Elections for city bodies such as municipalities and panchayats in the states are not conducted by the ECI, but the State Election Commission is responsible for such elections.

Article 324 of the Constitution contains provisions guaranteeing and guaranteeing the independence and objective functioning of the body.

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