September 29, 2022

Hillary Seeger: Room for divergent opinions within the same political party | Letters to the Editor

Not so long ago, some Republicans used the phrase “kool aid drunk” in reference to Democrats who aligned themselves with President Barack Obama. They called for the elimination of groupthink and encouraged people to think for themselves. Fast forward to now. Some of these same Republicans use the term RINO (Republican in name only) to define fellow Republicans who refuse to engage in groupthink with the far right.

We are allowed to, no, we should be encouraged to develop our own sets of values, our own opinions. We can be guided by those who gravitate towards one political group or another, but none of us should ever expect to agree 100% with anyone else.

For example, when a minister from Sanbornton contacted the Belknap County delegation about some of their congregants facing eviction, Rep. Ray Howard replied that they should get better jobs, while Rep. Mike Bordes suggested contacting 2-1-1 (a United Way based helpline) for help, a helping hand, if you will. Two different people. Two different approaches. Two Republicans.

And while Rep. Mike Sylvia proposed that New Hampshire secede from the United States and fix the roads by mining bitcoin, Rep. Bordes proudly displayed an American flag, promoting support for law enforcement and our senior citizens. and continuing to reach out to voters of both political persuasions to help in any way possible.

So you see that there is room for different opinions within the party. As voters, you have to decide which opinions you want to support. Personally, I prefer the Bordes methods and think if the GOP wants to attack anyone it should be Sylvia and her minions, but the choice is yours.

And never forget what happened to those people that the “drink the Kool Aid” line is derived from. They ended up dead in a jungle in Guyana.