June 24, 2022

Goencho Avaaz registers his political party | Goa News

PANAJI: The Election Commission of India registered the NGO Goencho Avaaz as a political party under the name of Goencho Swabhiman Party (GSP). Party officials said objections raised by the vested interests of rival political parties were the reason for the delay in registering and renaming the party.
“We are delighted to offer Goans a credible and clean regional party that Goa needs more than ever. We believe that Goa will be safe and prosperous only in the hands of an engaged, competent and uncorrupted regional party, ”said newly registered Goencho Swabhiman party chairman Swapnesh Sherlekar.
Sherlekar said the GSP will focus on recovering the state‘s “lost swabhiman” while safeguarding Goan’s welfare.
Sherlekar said that Goencho Avaaz decided to go into politics because it is difficult to tackle vexatious issues like corruption, environmental destruction through three linear projects, water issues, the Regional Plan, the absence of public order outside the political system.
The party has already announced two candidates and is in the process of announcing more candidates shortly. The party will also soon be launching a membership campaign. Party vice chairman Roshan Mathias will compete from Calangute.