June 24, 2022

Gambia: Team Sobeyaa will transform into a political party

Sobeyaa’s recovery team leader Essa M. Faal revealed last week, after this reporter asked him if it was highly likely and likely that Sobeyaa’s recovery team would be rebranded as a political party. from its current state of movement?

In response, Mr Faal said he and his team tried to gain the consent of the Gambian masses in the recent elections held on December 4, but unfortunately lost.

However, he added that this was not the end. They would participate in future elections, while the Sobeyaa team would be transformed into a political party.

“In all likelihood, it would be transformed into a political party,” he disclosed. “Maybe some of you don’t know it, but it is very difficult to run as an independent candidate, without structures, and especially for the little time we have, 90 days to contest a national election . It’s very, very difficult. We are used to challenges and we are used to taking on challenges and that was one of the reasons we were daring and daring and believed that we could conquer this huge mountain. We are there. We failed to do so. “

“This opportunity presents itself for us to reorganize ourselves and to better position ourselves for the future and we believe that a political party is the way to follow for the simple reason that it obliges you to have the necessary structures and the anchors in local communities, which is really important in helping any political body to present its agenda and to have that connection with the local population or to position itself to win an election. “

He planned that for this reason, he and the rest of the team plan to turn the team into a political party.

The novice politician has made it known that from now on they will focus and focus on promoting the Sobeyaa team, a party to be, to be more acceptable to the Gambian people. He and his team would participate in this country’s future elections to get their hands on the government.

Faal urged and recommended the re-elected incumbent president and his future government in about a month and a half to fight and eradicate corruption with all legally mandated powers at their disposal. Corruption, he said, is a critical issue that should be taken seriously by the country and therefore should be looked into.