November 25, 2022

FreeSpace Social, Inc. to Offer $ 2,900 in Free Advertising to Political Candidates

FRISCO, Texas, October 18, 2021 / PRNewswire / – Free space Social announces that they will donate $ 2,900 in free publicity to each declared federal political candidate who joins the platform, as an in-kind contribution, regardless of the party.

Political candidates deserve every opportunity available to present their message to the general public without the strict rules on political advertising associated with mainstream social media. FreeSpace maintains gracious but firm moderation, with account suspensions enforced for all manner of obscene or inappropriate content. However, the company demonstrates a more permissive stance than its Big Tech counterparts when it comes to advertising, particularly alternative health, religious groups, human trafficking organizations, and bipartisan political campaigns.

Declared applicants wishing to participate in the FreeSpace Free Advertising Offer will be required to submit a copy of their FEC Declaration Form to qualify. Declared Candidates will also have their FreeSpace profile verified immediately upon receipt and approval of the FEC form.

“We invite candidates of all political affiliations to take advantage of this rare offer of free advertising on our platform,” said the CEO of FreeSpace, Jon willis. “We hope this will allow a better informed audience about applicants who align with the values ​​of their communities.”

About FreeSpace Social:
FreeSpace Social is “a platform that shapes a positive culture,” something more needed than ever in turbulent and divided times. The app is available for download on iOS and Android. We welcome anyone regardless of political ideologies, religion, demographics, race or nationality.

SOURCE FreeSpace Social