September 29, 2022

Former Romanian Prime Minister Dancila elected president of new political party NOI

Viorica Dancilaformer Prime Minister and leader of the Social Democratic Party (PSD), was elected President of the new Nation People Together (NOI) party on Tuesday evening 12 April. As the only candidate for this position, she obtained 247 votes in her favour. and only two against, local Libertatea reported.

During this same congress, which was the first of NOI, Francesco Serban was elected executive president and Cornelia Bolos was appointed general secretary.

In her speech to the congress, Viorica Dancila said she decided to return to politics to build consensus and replace personal and party interests with national interests.

“For me, all the achievements of my term as Prime Minister of Romania represented the fulfillment of a duty of honor towards the Romanian people. I admit that not everything was perfect, but there were many good things for Romania and Romanians. expresses my belief that everyone should be judged according to the real legacy they left at the end of the mandate, and not according to the perceptions induced and artificially maintained by certain vitiated environments by obscure interests,” Dancila said, according to Agerpres.

“I am convinced that my return to politics will attract a lot of criticism, but, as someone who loves the country, as a good Romanian, I cannot stay away when I see that things are not going well. well. I assure you that I will not give in, I will not take any step back, regardless of the attacks or misinformation. I am a strong and persistent person, and I assure you that I have decided to join the party ” Nation People Together” at a time when I was convinced that I am more determined than ever to return to the political scene and to fight for the good of my country”, she added.

Viorica Dancila announced at the end of March this year that she had decided to leave the PSD after 26 years because she no longer agreed with the decisions taken by the current leadership. In turn, she joined the new NOI party.

Meanwhile, local media reported that Dancila also resigned from the BNR central bank, where she was hired in 2021 as an adviser to Governor Mugur Isarescu.

Viorica Dancila served as Prime Minister of Romania from early 2018 until the fall of 2019, when she was removed from office by a vote of no confidence in parliament. She was the first woman in Romanian history to hold the post of Prime Minister.

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(Photo credit: Inquam Photos/Octav Ganea)