November 25, 2022

Filipinos need more credible, factual information about political candidates, survey group says

Metro Manila (CNN Philippines, February 18) — A recent study revealed that Filipinos mostly rely on family or relatives when it comes to gathering information about political candidates.

Imelda Deinla, coordinator of Boses Pilipinas, also told CNN Philippines, The Final Word, that voters “are also very dependent on social media.”

“Unfortunately, we need our constituents to actually seek out credible, factual information, and probably expand the sources of our information,” she said.

The same study also listed the traits that Filipinos look for in a leader. In the survey, 69% said strong leadership is the most important quality, 55% said honesty and 42% said it was intelligence. Other characteristics that Filipinos expect from a leader are results-oriented and ethical.

The online survey involved 1,500 respondents across the country from various age groups and demographics.

Deinla said these traits “are roughly consistent or consistent across” these groups and “reflect very well the kind of challenges that many Filipinos are facing right now.”

However, Deinla noted “there are a lot of inconsistencies between these desired traits and between…what’s showing up in the polls.”

“There are a lot of inconsistencies there, and we can see that these traits may just be aspirational, but acting on them is something else,” she said.

Deinla hopes the survey will remind voters what they really want to see from candidates and whether they actually reflect those personalities in terms of track record and experience.